In-Home Social Dining, Made Simple

Our On-Demand Cooks Will Provide Diverse, High-Quality, Great Tasting Meals & Dining Experiences In Your Home.

In-Home Social Dining, Made Simple

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Our On-Demand Cooks Will Provide Diverse, High-Quality, Great Tasting Meals & Dining Experiences In Your Home.


The dinner table was the original social network.


With the rise of on-demand everything, there is going to be a massive shift in how people find and share dining experiences and a return to simply building relationships over a good meal.

More Dinner Parties…Less Stress

Dinner parties are cumbersome in the home. 

Even if one enjoys cooking, dinner parties are often so much work; selecting the cuisine, buying all the ingredients in the right quantities, food prep, cooking, cleanup; all robbing the host of valuable time and attention with their guests.

Dinner parties at restaurants

With friends have huge limitations as restaurants are often loud, have wait times for larger parties, limited guest seating options where if you want to speak with others you’ll have to play musical chairs.  Plus, restaurants often have time constraints on how long the party can stay at the table.

Pick Your Plate, Date/Time & Done

TableDOT is an app that allows users to quickly search cuisines, customize and book on-demand local cooks & chefs with just a few clicks; right in your own home.

These quality-verified, background checked, cooks will come completely prepared to craft your dining experience right in your own home.  That’s right no shopping, no prep, no cooking, and no cleanup required by you.  Just download and log into the app, select the specific cuisine your desire, designate the date/time, select how many people will be attending and “bam.”  You’re all set.

For every local chef there are literally hundreds of talented, friendly, amazing cooks who love to share their passion for cooking for others in their community.

Katherine Allen

Founder, Table Dot

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